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Edging & Mulching


Professional Edging in Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh Professional Edging Landscaper

Steel City Landscape, Inc. will power edge your planting beds with a mechanical edger at a depth of (2-3)”, giving you a golf course manicured look. The line created between the mulch and lawn areas are smooth and professional with any excess dirt or grass being removed before the mulch application.





We use only premium blends of mulch that are treated for insects. Most of our mulch products contain a brown, black, or red dye to ensure they hold their deep rich color for many months. We use a bark blower machine designed by Finn to ensure the application is even and expedited in a timely fashion. We can apply large amounts of mulch in a matter of hours that would take days to do by hand. Our rates are very reasonable! Go to our “contact us” tab for a free estimate.
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