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Excavation in Pittsburgh, PA: 3 Big Things to Figure Out

Need excavation for landscaping or hardscaping purposes? Call Steel City Landscape for a professional Pittsburgh hardscaping contractor for help with your project with excavation in Pittsburgh, PA. Our teams know how to move earth in a proper and sustainable way, and can help you to implement a particular landscape design solution.

Advice from A Pittsburgh Hardscaping Contractor

In any excavation project, there are some big questions that need to be answered. Here are some things that we often talk about with customers.
1. The Extent of Excavation
One of the first questions is how big the excavation project will be. It’s one thing to implement a small French drain or move a bit of earth for the purposes of planting. It’s an entirely different story to gouge huge chunks of earth out of an outdoor space and move and grade the soil appropriately for a much larger project.
Talking about the extent of the project will also help with figuring out costs and logistics.
2. The Intent of the Project
Another big question is why the excavation is occurring in the first place. Is it just for the purposes of making landscaping more appealing? Or is it for installing amenities in a yard space that require underground excavation?
There is always a context of excavation work that’s important to understand when a professional firm gets involved. Some companies specialize in different types of excavation. Steel City Landscaping works with customers to implement excavation for landscaping and hardscaping purposes. For any project you have in mind, we can find you the perfect Pittsburgh Hardscaping Contractor to suit your project’s needs.
3. Planning
Another important aspect of an excavation project is the planning that supports it.
Again, it’s different whether you’re installing a French drain, excavating a flower bed, or putting in an in-ground pool. However, some types of documentation and paperwork often apply. In many areas of the country, parties will need an erosion and sedimentation plan or an “E and S plan” to do any significant volume of excavation. Local ordinances may require additional paperwork and fees, or impose limitations or restrictions on what homeowners can do on their properties. That’s why it’s important to plan the project well and adhere to all local laws when figuring out an excavation project.
Ask Steel City Landscaping about how to get excavation done for any outdoor project. We can help with excavation in Pittsburgh, PA, with any earth moving needed for your dream landscaping or hardscape design.



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