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One of our missions is to use Eco-friendly products and services that benefit you, your landscape and everyone’s environment.

Break the Chemical Cycle

Most people assume natural lawn care is less effective than conventional programs, but synthetic fertilizers give a heavy boost of nitrogren to the grass which greens it up quickly. The appearance of of health and vigor is, well, artificial. This rush of growth will be followed by an equally rapid decline without yet another infusion of synthetic plant food. Chemical applications essentially sterilize the soil, making it dependent on ever increasing amounts and types of chemicals to support growth and to fight pests and disease.


The cost ofFDR using organic methods  to care for your lawn can be greatly reduced over time. That is because lawns on organic regimens rely on healthy development to REDUCE the need for pesticides and herbicides. While the initial application of organic fertilizer can cost more than commercial synthetic fertilizer, ongoing treatments of protein fertilizer cost about the same as others on a per square foot basis. Organic lawns also do not require as much fungicide and other treatments, further reducing the need for chemicals and lowering the overall cost of care.



The most compelling reason to reconsider synthetic lawn treatments is safety. A body of evidence indicates connections between chemical pesticides and herbicides and a host of serious medical problems including cancers, neurological diseases and reproductive disorders. Local news stations have recently covered a lawsuit regarding these connections. Any toxicity is likely to have a greater effect on children and family pets both because of their smaller body size and proximity to the chemicals. Thousands of pesticide poisonings occur every year.


Our new 5 step organic lawn fertilization program ECO (10)offers customers turf management solutions without the use of synthetic chemicals. These fertilizers are derived from natural sources and offer a variety of benefits to your lawn.We are using a natural organic fertilizer that is a 100% organic product and phosphate free. This is also a weed inhibitor that prevents crabgrass, dandelions and white clover. All of our fertilizers provide organic matter that will improve the water holding capacity of the soil and is slow release to provide a unique gradual and consistent feeding. Our fertilizers are rich in Iron, that provides the deep green color without harmful chemicals and provides long lasting color for up to 8 to 10 weeks without surge growth.



Heavy use of the world’s most popular herbicide could be linked to a range of health problems and diseases including Parkinson’s, infertility and cancers, according to a new study. Which is why after a year long testing, we are making a switch to a healthier option.We are spot treating weeds in planting beds with an organic mixture of Vinegar and Dish Soap.
Vinegar is a natural product that contains a completely safe for humans and animals. It contains acetic acid that will remove water from all plants, making it a great natural and eco-friendly weed killer.

In addition, we have just announced our use of Milky Spore for grub treatment. Grubs are a common problem in Pennsylvania. A grub infestation will cause affected lawns to become spongy as a layer of sod can literally be pealed away from the soil. Milky Spore is a natural bacteria that is harmless to humans and animals. Milky spore can take 2 years of granular applications to fully remove an infestation but after that the bacteria will live in your soil for up to 15 years to prevent grubs from reappearing.

We are using more and mDSC_0027edore lawn equipment powered with propane instead of gas. Propane-fueled mowers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50% compared to gasoline. There is also an 80% reduction in carbon monoxide when compared to gasoline. These mowers allow us to provide continuous service on hot summer ozone action days. We also use a highly regarded mulching system called the Hurricane System. This equipment has specialized blades that cut grass into extremely small pieces that will mulch back into your lawn providing organic nourishment.


We will proudly be using Black Diamond Coatings, Inc. products as our hardscape sealer. We pride ourselves on finding new ways to be more eco-responsible while still providing the highest quality products. Based in Tampa, Florida, Black Diamond Coatings, Inc. is a national producer of bio-based, environmentally-friendly, low VOC sealers for concrete, pavers, stone and wood. Bio-based products are created from the renewable resources of agricultural, marine and forestry materials. These products provide consumers an alternative to conventional petroleum-based products.



And lastly, we are using Hybrid vehicles for our management and supervisory team. These cars create fewer emissions and get better gas mileage, lessening our dependency on fossil fuels and lightening our carbon footprint.The organic industry is growing in many sectors.

We here at Steel City Landscape, Inc. will continue to look for the healthiest ways to provide you with a beautiful landscape as they become available.

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