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Hardscape Design

The Best in Pittsburgh Hardscape Design 

Hardscape Design in Pittsburgh, PA

There is more to upgrading the look and feel of your property than just enhancing your landscape. It is also very important for you to consider Pittsburgh hardscape design in  Pennsylvania, to further enhance the functionality as well as the appearance of your property’s scenery. The team at our landscaping company is ready to help you figure out the best ways to bring out your own unique style through our Pittsburgh hardscape design services.

Whether we are installing some of our world-class Versa-Lok walls or Keystone retaining walls in Pittsburgh; or we are creating new design elements to bring out certain aspects of your yard’s flora, our team is dedicated to providing you with the very best in hardscape design services. Just let us know your ideas and we will get right to work bringing them to vivid life through our superior workmanship and customer service.

Giving Your Yard the Designer Edge

Natural stone, concrete, brick, outdoor living spaces, permeable pavers, and many other different construction materials can be added to your landscape to create the perfect contrast to your trees, shrubs, soil, grass, and other landscaping materials. Our team understands the delicate balance that goes into adding new and improved patios, driveways, pathways, design elements, and retaining walls to your home’s exterior. This ensures that your new hardscape design doesn’t just look good, but also functions with your existing landscape choices.

Quality Materials: Versa-Lok, Gabion & Keystone Retaining Walls 

One of the most important additions our hardscaping specialists can make to your home is adding retaining walls. That is why we work with some of the best companies in the business including Versa-Lok, Gabion, & Keystone, to ensure you get a retaining wall that not only helps to protect the integrity of your lawn but also provides you with an impressive landscape addition.

Your new retaining wall doesn’t just keep water from rushing down and destroying all of the hard work you have put into making your lawn look great, but it also helps you expand your decorating space so you can add more plants and design elements to your property.

Saving Money on Hardscaping & Outdoor Living Space Design Services

The happiness of our customers is very important to us. That is why we are proud to offer you a 10% discount on all of our hardscaping and landscaping jobs. These additional savings, on top of our already competitive prices, make it much easier for you to create that perfect look you have always wanted without having to feel like you are compromising on your vision.

Contact us to learn more about the hardscape designs we have available for our clients throughout the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area.


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