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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With Paver Patios Pittsburgh, PA

Outdoor Living Space

Patio Pavers Pittsburgh PA

Steel City Landscape, Inc. can accommodate all of your outdoor living space projects anywhere in the Pittsburgh area. Whether the job is commercial or residential, we offer a variety of options and services to transform your yard into an outdoor oasis! From creating a kitchen and eating area on sprawling paver patios, to concrete steps that lead to your serenely located fire pit and seating walls, we are visionaries when it comes to property enhancement. Read on to learn more about how our backyard designs in Pittsburgh, PA can help you enjoy your property more and increase its value at the same time.



Concrete & Paver Patios Pittsburgh, PA
We install all types of paver patios in Pittsburgh, PA , including Omni-Stone and natural stone. We build these with care, laying the pavers on a sturdy lime stone foundation for years of use. Looking for concrete work…a new driveway? We offer professional services at a reasonable price. All of our jobs include landscape reclamation to its prior state before our installation. Whatever material you use for your patio or driveway know that we will take the time to construct products that are built to last.When you engage our services, you add value to your property at several levels. As a result of the enhancements and improvements we make to your property you will be more inclined and better able to utilize your outdoor spaces. Creating user-friendly, well-planned, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor areas mean more options for spending quality family time together. You can also entertain family and friends in style and with little effort. In fact, our backyard designs in Pittsburgh, PA can help increase the intrinsic value of your property so that if at some point you decide to put your property on the market, it may be able to command better prices.

Eco-Friendly Sealer

Steel City Landscape, Inc. will proudly be taking another step toward responsible and eco-friendly landscaping. We will be working with Black Diamond Coatings, Inc. from Tampa, FL. They are a national producer of bio-based, environmentally-friendly, low VOC sealers for concrete, pavers, stone and wood.Bio-based products are created from the renewable resources of agricultural, marine and forestry materials. They provide consumers an alternative to conventional petroleum-based products. To read more about this responsible product go to


Enhance LED Lighting

 When you spend time outdoors with family and friends, you’ll need adequate outdoor lighting to illuminate your landscape areas. Whether you’re sitting outside on a patio or you wish to place a spotlight on a specific area of your walkways, outdoor lighting can serve these purposes.

We consider proper lighting to be of vital importance for a couple of reasons: not only does proper lighting help increase the effective use of your outdoor spaces and enhance the visual appeal of  it, lighting is also an effective safety and security measure. Well-lit spaces decrease chances of tripping and falling and are also known to deter would be intruders upon your property. Aesthetic and effective lighting is a big part of our backyard designs for these and other reasons.

Techo_BlocOf the products we use, Techo-Bloc is of the highest quality. It compliments any property and meets every standard. Techo-Bloc designs and manufactures a variety of landscaping stone and concrete products, including: interlocking pavers, retaining wall blocks, slabs, caps, steps, edges, and more. Create your own outdoor oasis with beautiful landscaping, patio designs and products from Techo-Bloc, and add a touch of elegance and value to your home. Browse our selection of landscaping stone and concrete products by product type.
Our Wide Range of Services

We offer a wide range of services to dovetail with a variety of requirements. Apart from landscape installation and maintenance, we look after issues such as excavation, drainage requirements for your property as well as commercial snow removal. Pittsburgh, PA residents, we offer the installation of a range of retaining walls in Pittsburgh, PA including Versa-Lok retaining walls, Lockcrete Bauer retaining walls, and Redi-Rock retaining walls to suit a range of different requirements.

Find out more about beautifying your outdoor spaces and enhancing your property value. Call us today at 412-635-7126 or 724-776-6676 or use our contact form to learn more about backyard designs in Pittsburgh, PA.

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