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New Landscape Installation & Planting

New Landscape Installation & Planting

Steel City Landscape, Inc. knows how to enhance the appearance of your outdoors through a variety of means. We know the types of plants, trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and ground covers that will thrive in the southwestern PA region. If you are looking for new construction installation or removing and replacing an existing landscape plan, our staff can help with a bounty of fresh ideas.

All of our new planting bed designs and installations start with a geotextile woven weed block fabric. Who wants to hand pull weeds? Other additional dressings for your new landscaping can include boulders, planting bed walls, machined edging and a variety of mulches, composts, manures and decorative stone. Your new plantings will always be placed in the most optimal area of your property to promote health and vigor. Our experts will tutor you on proper care and pruning techniques that even a novice can embrace.

Steel City stands behind its installations. Most of the trees and shrubs come with a (1) year warranty against disease or insect infestations. The cost of the plant is covered by our national nursery partner SiteOne Landscape Supply. We will inspect every finished job to insure proper planting and overall quality of work. It must always be up to our high standards – including the products we use.



by: Arricca Elin Sansone (December 2014) (p.19-22)

Spring, summer and autumn boast a riot of colors, lushness and bounty. But the winter garden has its own charms. Winter may seem like a time of rest for the landscape, but a well-planned design shines beyond its peak season. Plants with eye-catching good looks create a welcoming landscape regardless of the time of year. When many plants have settled in for a long winter’s nap, cold-hardy specimens continue to provide interest with textured bark, berries, colorful branches and winter blooms. In fact, some plants show their best faces only in the winter months. Well-planned gardens also offer food and shelter for winter birds and other wildlife. Just as the landscape isn’t dormant now, winter is the ideal time to grow your own knowledge base. “Go to local arboretums, nurseries and established neighborhoods,” says Nicholas Staddon, director of new plant introductions at Monrovia Growers. “Scout out a few plants you like then come back and examine them throughout the winter. Watch their progression and identify what thrives in your conditions to expand your plant palate.” Consider trying a few of these beauties to add year-round appeal to your design projects. – See more at:

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