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Masonry, Landscaping, Retaining Walls & Excavation Pittsburgh, PA

DSC_0018_edSteel City Landscape, Inc. is a modern business with top planners who have over 25 years of experience with excavation in Pittsburgh, PA. We can handle various types of excavation jobs, as well as different types of landscaping, grading, earth moving and other specific kinds of work to support building or renovation projects. Ask us about the assistance that we have provided to our clients in the past, and how we can help with your project.

Different Types of Excavating and Masonry Projects

Excavation services in Pittsburgh, PAMany different types of work have to be done to prepare a site for building or other projects. Excavation takes many forms, including site clearing and grading, as well as trench work or the hauling of earth away from the site. Other demands may include the installation of masonry, hardscaping, drainage systems, retaining walls, or other kinds of site work.

Supporting Trades

This excavation work and related types of work support the work of builders who are engaged in framing, plumbing, general contracting and essentially standing up buildings on the site.

Much of the estimating and earth moving work that’s done needs to be done with attention to municipal ordinances, state and federal laws, and specific industry standards. This may require a lot of documentation, changes to work schedules, and communications between different stakeholders. Special permitting is often required to direct these activities. Parties may need an E&S (erosion and sedimentation) plan or other supporting documentation according to local, state and/or federal law.

We excel in renovating and reshaping a property so that it can handle new building or additional expansion. We also help with the extras like landscape architecture in Pittsburgh, PA, installation, and maintenance, or the installation of French drains or other types of helpful site work that may be done after the building is finished.

Talk to Steel City Landscape about all of the excavation services we offer. Get a company that knows more about the full range of outdoor site work that has to take place to really make a project fully effective. Build your projects on a strong business partnership with an established firm that understands excavation in Pittsburgh, PA.

Steel City Landscape, Inc. employs a modern fleet of excavators, loaders, and trucks to handle any number of excavation jobs. Our services in this field include site clearing and grading, utility trenching, new build excavation, earth moving and hauling. Excavation, Masonry, Landscaping, and More

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all of the above applications. Mark Purcell Sr., our machine work consultant, has over (25) years of experience with the Local 66 Operating Engineers Union. We will perform the job on schedule, safely and at a competitive price. No matter if you are a builder, plumber, general contractor or homeowner, Steel City Landscape, Inc. possesses the equipment and staff to handle your project. Please contact us today for a free consultation!
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