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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls | Pittsburgh, PA

We install all types of retaining walls in Pittsburgh, PA, specializing in Keystone, Versa-Lok, Techo-Bloc, Redi-Rock, treated wooden ties and natural stone walls. All of the block walls come with an industry best 10-year guarantee! Our professional staff has over 20 years of experience in the retaining wall industry and we stand by our product.







Keystone sandstone/charcoal blend retaining wall with freshly mulched planting bed


  • *Walls should be constructed on a compacted 10-12″ 2a limestone base (or footer).
  • *Perforated drainage pipe should be placed behind every retaining wall at the base course with multiple exit points.
  • *Drainage is facilitated to the pipe with 2′ in width of limestone backfill.
  • *There is almost always some type of anchoring system, be it Geogrid reinforcement for block walls to wooden tie returns for tie retaining walls.
  • *Proper grading, depth of footer, course setback and type of material to construct the wall with are also important factors in building a lasting structure.
  • *Ask about sealing your retaining wall with eco-friendly Black Diamond Coating. It keeps the finish looking new for years and is environmentally responsible!







Versa-Lok retaining walls and steps in a two-tiered fashion.

Keystone charcoal retaining walls and steps in a two-tiered fashion with freshly mulched beds.

Redi-Rock Retaining Walls

Because of the shear size of the block (avg.=1600 lbs.) and the outstanding engineering Redi-Rock retaining walls boast, neither you or the next property owner will ever have to replace it! This sturdy retaining wall product can be used for small 4’ high walls or 80’ highway construction applications. Geogrid reinforcement can be added for the larger projects to ensure stability and longevity. Redi-Rock comes in various colors and three styles: Limestone, Cobblestone and the revolutionary Ledgestone. Click Here for more Redi-Rock information 

RediRock IMAGE


Versa-Lok Retaining Walls

We can create curves, corners, stairs, columns and freestanding retaining walls using Standard, Cobble or Accent Versa-Lok units, or combine the three to form the random-pattern Mosaic Retaining Wall System. We can even build walls taller than 40′ with Versa-Grid. Versa-Lok is available in the classic texture and in the vintage Weathered. Whatever your choice, solid Versa-Lok systems are professionally installed by us and provide a lifetime of virtually maintenance-free performance.

Click Here for more Versa-Lok informationVersa_lokIMAGE









Lockcrete Bauer Retaining Walls

Lockcrete Bauer offers a wide variety of Keystone products, with different sizes, shapes, face textures, and colors which continue to evolve as the market changes. This gives you the ability to select the right product for your individual needs, ensuring lasting performance. We install all of their Pinned System walls with a 10 year construction guarantee.
If you are interested in retaining walls in Pittsburgh, PA contact us today.
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