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Spring & Fall Cleanup


spring cleanup landscaper in PittsburghSpring Cleanup

Spring in Pittsburgh is a much anticipated time of year after a long winter. It’s our job to get your outdoors ready to enjoy for the upcoming growing season. We do that with our Spring cleanup program.

    • All leaves and debris are removed from planting beds, lawn areas and paved surfaces.
    • Planting beds are weeded using a eco-friendly, vinegar and dish soap herbicide and one application of pre-emergent weed control is applied.

We also offer tree and shrub fertilizer,and an eco-friendly Safer 3-in-1  insecticide for any existing infestations and a fungicide application as optional services.


Fall cleanup landscaper in PittsburghFall Cleanup

Once in October and then again in November we will remove all expired vegetation (ornamental grasses, expired daylilies, etc…),  leaves and debris from the entire property.

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