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Tree & Shrub Care


Trimming landscapers in Pittsburgh PAOrnamental trees and shrubs can enhance your lawn or garden by adding a variety of color and texture that will bring balance to your overall landscape design. The ongoing maintenance of your trees and shrubs is very important. However, trimming and pruning can be an overwhelming and arduous task for any homeowner.




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At Steel City Landscape Inc., tree and shrub care is an important part of our landscape maintenance program. All trees less than (18)’ tall will be pruned in order to maintain health, regulate growth and achieve a natural shape. Throughout the growing season, we will trim back all shrubs at the proper time, to remove any excessive growth that detracts from their overall appearance and to help maintain their natural form. Our experts are equipped to identify and offer solutions to any issues that arise such as disease or insect infestations.

By entrusting us with the care of your trees and shrubs, you will alleviate the stress and physical exhaustion of doing it all on your own and you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the job will be done professionally by the staff at Steel City Landscape, Inc.

The importance of proper pruning is key in ultimately discovering a plant’s true potential.

At the simplest level, the purpose of pruning and training is to make sure plants are as healthy and vigorous as possible, free of structural weakness, and at the least risk of being infected by disease. The effects of expert pruning, however, go beyond this straightforward aim. With additional knowledge of how pruning and training influences the way in which plants grow and perform, the gardener can not only improve their natural appearance but also enhance ornamental features such as flowers and foliage, increase crops, and create striking plant features and combinations. Understanding the principles of how and why plants respond to pruning is like the key to realizing their potential.” (Brickell, Christopher and Joyce, David (2011) The American Horticulture Society Pruning & Training ; The Definitive Guide to Pruning Trees, Shrubs and Climbers (Introduction))

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